Donors like you make it all possible and help to underwrite more than one-third of the Organizational costs of each outstanding theatre season. Donors are a critical part of everything National Youth Theater accomplishes. Only a portion of our annual budget is covered by class/track fees, camps, ticket sales and production fees.

We are often asked what are the needs and expenses NYT incurres. Here is a short list, Sets, props, sound, mics, lights, rental of theaters, class rental space, costumes, curriculum writing, royalties, licensing cost, Ins, web design, instructors and director stipends and materials & staffing related to operational expense.

National Youth Theater is introducing a new class price of $99 to continue to make the program affordable for all students while maintaining the quality of it’s teaching. NYT is working to make all tracks/classes, production and camps accessible for families throughout the area. Without your personal or business charitable support, this program could not be sustained at a reasonable cost to the students.

National Youth Theater believes the Lord will lead those to donate and provide all that is needed to fund the productions, Classes, Camps, student scholarships and help to adequately fund National Youth Theater. We believe this is the best investment into a student’s life.

NYT is a non-profit Christian ministry with the mission of engaging students in life changing experiences through the performing arts.  Please consider supporting this ministry by one of the following methods.

You may click on the donation button below..




or send your gift to
National Youth Theater
6046 FM 2920 # 648
Spring TX, 77379

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