Welcome!  We are so excited you have decided to audition for the show!

Before you embark upon this journey, however, we would like to bring a couple things to your attention.  Les Miserables is a powerful story of forgiveness and redemption that does include some adult themes.  Our production is Les Miserables School Edition, so some of the more mature material has been removed.  However there will still be references to prostitution, as this is critical to the story.  However, we will handle it conservatively.  And while most of the swear words will be removed from NYT’s production, the words “damn” and “hell” will still appear in songs as they were written.  Our desire is for parent’s expectations to be clear going into auditions and rehearsals.

Now, to begin the audition signup process, please gather all the following information and have your actor hanging out close by.  Our current sign-up process does not give you the ability to save and come back later to finish the form. In order to complete this process you will need the following:

  • Dates and roles of any performing and/or training experience
  • Dates and reasons for any rehearsal or show conflicts (Rehearsals – Friday nights & Saturdays, 1/19 – 3/10; Tech Week 3/19 – 3/22; Performances 3/23 – 3/25)
  • Your cast member so they can sign the agreement along with you
  • A credit card to pay the $225 production fee, nonrefundable unless your child is not cast in the show

Once you have completed the steps below,  you will be emailed the link to signup for your audition.  Please be sure to complete ALL steps AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  While we will open as many audition times as necessary for all who wish to try out, the prime slots will be taken quickly.  We ask that you do not share the audition link with anyone else.  Thank you!

In order to receive your Audition Sign-up Link, you must complete (you will be automatically prompted through this process):

  1. Audition form (website)
  2. Student Code of Conduct (website)
  3. Parent Commitment Agreement and Committee Questionnaire (website)
  4. Volunteer Code of Conduct (website)
  5. Registration for the show “class.”  This is not a real class, just a way to allow our system to take the registration info and payment. (NYT online account)
  6. Payment (NYT online account)

Once these steps have been completed, you will be emailed the link to signup for your audition.  Please be sure you have updated your email and cell phone information in your NYT account.  If you have any questions, please contact Willy Wonka Production Manager Rachel Holland at rachelhnyt@gmail.com.

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