NYT Online Account Instructions

Please print this page for reference.  Once you click the button below, you will be leaving our website, and you will not be able to return to this page.

Step 1: Login to, or set up, your NYT account.  If you are new to NYT, and setting your account up for the 1st time, click HERE for additional help.

Step 2: Enter or update ALL contact information — for each family member.  This is the only source we have to contact you.  We MUST have current CELL phone numbers for emergencies.  To update or add information, click on the family member’s name and then choose “edit.”

Step 3:  Fill in the T-SHIRT SIZE for each cast member.  This is the size we will order for each child.

Step 4:  Go back to your family summary page (the 1st page after you login) and:

  • Click on Register for Classes & Camps. Please note that students are not really enrolling in a class; this is just our way of making the system record your registration and payment.
  • Choose your student’s name from the drop-down menu
  • Click green button “Click here to select a class”
  • Select session (Spring 2018), City/Area (“Show), Location and Class will populate automatically with Willy Wonka info, Referral is optional, click on “Add to List”
  • “Continue to Online Registration Step 2”
  • Complete the registration form, including the release, & choose “I agree, and wish to continue with the registration process”
  • Make payment; note that your previous session’s registrations may show, but the total due should equal the amount for current programs only.  If you have NYT Bucks or vouchers available, you may choose those first, then use a credit card to pay the remaining balance.
Note:  if the system does not allow you to continue, click again on “Register for Classes & Camps” and then click on your child’s name.  You should see “Willy Wonka” already listed in the “Register In:” box.  All you do now is click the button “Continue to Online Registration Step 2.”

Please email [email protected] with any questions regarding these steps, or your online account.

Once you have completed this, and all other steps as outlined (at http://www.nationalyouththeater.org/audition-instructions), Rachel Holland, production manager for Willy Wonka, will email you the link to signup for your audition time.  If you have any questions regarding the show, auditions, rehearsals, etc., please contact Rachel at rachelhnyt@gmail.com.

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