How may tickets be purchased?

1) O​nline at www.nationalyouththeater.org.You may purchase online up to 3 hours before each show; prices are $12 general admission (adults & children – if you need a seat, you need a ticket).

2) At​ the door: Once online sales are no longer available (3 hours prior to showtime), tickets may be purchased at the door. Prices are then $15 general admission; $18 premium seats.

3) Group purchase online: at www.nationalyouththeater.org. Enter 15 or more in the ​group sales field​, and the price will be $10 each for all tickets. It is recommended that you keep the Will Call Name for these tickets in one name (probably your’s) so that changes may be made to these seats within the system, if needed. You are welcome to put individual tickets in an envelope with the patron’s name and leave for them at Will Call. You are also encouraged to leave a master list of your group patron’s at Will Call, should anyone forget or lose their tickets.

4) Contact the Box Office:  emily.l.currid@gmail.com or 281-627-2114 for $15 premium seats, wheelchair seating, or any other special accommodations.

What are premium seats?

While most of the seats in the house are excellent, these are the favorites.  Cost for these seats are $15 in advance (up to 3 hours before each show), and $18 at the door.  Please contact the box office to purchase.  They are located in the center section and include Rows E, F, G & H.

Why do my ticket seat numbers skip a seat?

Traditional theater seating: as you look at the seating chart contained within the ticket-purchasing software, facing the stage, the seats in the left section are odd (seat 1 is on the right and moves to the left), the seats in the right section are even (seat 2 is on the left and moves to the right), the middle section are all 100s numbered consecutively (seat 101 is to the right and moves left). The rows begin with A in the front by the stage and go back from there. There is NO row I (goes from H to J) in most theaters.  At Lone Star Tomball PAC there is no row O (goes from N to P).

Why won’t the system let me choose my seats?

NYT pays for an outside vendor that provides our tickets and administrative software. We don’t have the ability to change this program. One of the things that is a little confusing is that you must “Save Choices and Continue” in order to actually choose your seats. If you choose “Click here to Preview…” you will see available seats, but not be able to select them.

When does the Box Office open?

The Box Office opens 1 hour prior to showtime. Patrons may purchase tickets or pick up tickets at Will Call beginning at that time.

Are some seats actually temporary chairs?

In some theaters that we rent, like Lone Star College Tomball PAC, yes.  These will be noted on the seating chart when you purchase your tickets.  We have moved chairs into to provide additional seating.  Row H, left side (H1, H3, H5, H7, H9, H11) and right side (H2, H4, H6, H8, H10, H12) (center section is regular theater seats); Row U (center – U101, U102, U103); Row V (left side – V5, V7, V9). Row G, on the left & right sides, may also be chairs, added as necessary when wheelchair spaces are unused.  Additionally, the seats in the balcony are chairs.

Why can’t I buy block tickets for more than 1 show?

NYT offers “group” ticketing, not “block” ticketing. Discounts for groups are offered because the lower the administrative ticketing cost to NYT. By purchasing (and managing) a group of 15 or more to one show, you are lessening the amount of work required on our end. For that, we are pleased to offer you a discount.

What if I need to make a change to my tickets?

Some changes are possible, but ALL changes MUST be requested no later than 3 hours prior to showtime. Please note that the only way to make any changes to block purchases is if the Will Call Name is the same for all tickets in the group (it’s just the way the ticketing system works). Please contact the business manager for specific details.

I’ve already purchased my group tickets, but may I add on to that group at the discounted price?

Yes, you may! Please contact the business manager for assistance.

Can I get a refund if I can’t make the show?

No, sorry. All sales are final. Hopefully you can still feel satisfied that you are financially supporting NYT through your ticket purchase.

Do I need a ticket if my child sits on my lap?

No.  1 seat = 1 ticket.  However is your child is too large to comfortably sit on your lap, or will be a distraction to other patrons, we kindly ask that you purchase a seat for them, as well.