Our philosophy is simple: find the best instructors available and let them teach what they know best.  NYT has been blessed by many wonderfully gifted teachers who also have a love of God. These classes are an opportunity for students to learn a skill they didn’t have or fine tune previously-acquired skills. Our aim – whether through classes, productions, or camps – is to provide students with life skills that will serve them well now and in the future, as well as strengthen their faith as they engage with the world.

DATES – Tuesdays, January 9th to March 6th

TIME – 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

LOCATION – Wildwood United Methodist Church – 8911 FM 1488 in Magnolia 

CLASSES OFFERED – see class descriptions below

WE ARE ACCEPTING ENROLLMENT UNTIL THE 2ND WEEK OF CLASSES, ON 1/16.  Please email Emily Currid at [email protected] to register.

If this is your first time registering with NYT, click here for additional help.  Please contact Nancy Paffie, Class Coordinator, with any questions at npaffie@yahoo.com.


Musical Theater FUNdamentals (ages 6-7) – Come play with us and learn about musical theater.  We will have fun playing games while we learn how singing, dancing, and acting all work together to tell a story.  Instructor:  Jenifer Shoemake

Triple Threat (ages 8-11) – Come sing, act, and dance your way onto the stage!  This class is unique in that you will get to experience all three aspects of musical theater!  Over the course of 9 weeks, you will rotate through 3 weeks of Voice, 3 weeks of Acting, and 3 weeks of Dance … and watch out … you may just come out as a Triple Threat!  3 amazing teachers join forces in this class:  Madison McDaniel, Tori Tamez, and Mandy Henson.

Just Sing, Sing a Song! (ages 12-19) – Come join this fun, fast paced class that will speed your vocal growth and your confidence on stage! Students will learn how to be more prepared for auditions AND call backs. Non-singers, beginners and veteran singers alike will gain new insights and an understanding of how to keep on working their voice the way an athlete does for a sport. There will be a focus on solo singing and harmony. Come join the fun and the challenge to take the voice God gave you to the next level!  Instructor:  Jane Hallford

Improv Olympics (ages 12-19) – Learn the basic rules of improv and theater games. Class will cover beginning through intermediate level improv techniques. We will have teams which will compete each week in the style of comedy sports.  Instructor:  Justin Parks

Modern Dance Workshop (ages 12-19) – The modern dance world is a wonderful one to explore because it allows the individual to be creative with movement and add his/her personal and artistic expression. During the fall semester we learned a large variety of concepts, techniques, and styles encompassed by modern dance that we will grow and strengthen into the spring semester. The fall class was a prerequisite for the spring class. Some of the genres we’ll be touching on include Graham technique, hip hop, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary modern with glimpses of ballet. This class will highlight the fundamentals of core strength and the overall correct way to use your muscles in order to further improve your skill in all areas of dance. I hope to see you in class!  Instructor:  Hannah Mucha

T(Teens to the 3rd power) Triple Threat Teens (ages 12-19)  – Calling all teens!  Do you ever wish you could really hone in on your acting skills?  Get a stronger singing voice?  Sharpen your dance technique?  This is for you!  In these 9 weeks of classes, you will experience specialized “intensives” for Acting, Voice, and Dance.  You will grow in skill and audition techniques as you spend 3 weeks focused on each genre.  After this class, take your Triple-Threat-self into your next audition and impress the directors!  3 amazingly talented instructors will teach the class for 3 weeks each:  Lisa Morales (vocals), Holly Jasso (drama), & Alex Spencer (dance).


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