National Youth Theater is a Christian ministry with the mission of engaging students in life changing experience through the performing arts. Our goal is to help encourage and grow kids to become confident, engaged Christian adults.  Please contribute today and be a part of the future of National Youth Theater!


National Youth Theater depends on the generosity of our donors for sustainability of our shows, classes, and camps, as program fees cover only a percentage of organizational costs. Contributions to NYT, a 501(c)(3), non-profit Christian ministry, are tax deductible. Won’t you join us today in helping to train future Christian leaders in the traits that our musical theater programs create?  You will be helping to foster confidence, poise, public speaking ability, encouragement of their faith, strengthening of their Christian worldview, and so much more in our NYT kids.  These are valuable skills that will serve these future adults well, in any area of life they choose to pursue, not just the arts.

As part of our fundraising community, you will be giving towards things such as scholarships to kids who otherwise would not be able to participate in our youth theater programs: microphones and other equipment needed to produce our high quality shows, special programs, operational costs, and so much more!  Additionally, NYT continues to provide programs at prices well below average in order to make musical theater instruction available to everyone.  You donations help us to continue this valuable practice.

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact our business manager, Emily Currid, at [email protected]  Thank you!

All donations of $100 or more will be listed on the Donor Circle page in our playbills,
with the exception of contributions made anonymously.

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