Please print this page out for reference.
You will be leaving our website and going to to access your NYT account.
1.  Continue through the registration process until you come to the payment page.
2.  Choose “I would like to pay my total bill now by credit card” (even though you are only going to pay a portion now)
3.  On the next page, in the amount field, enter the amount you wish to pay now.  It must be at least the $100 non-refundable deposit amount.
4.  Complete the payment process.
5.  You will receive an installment agreement to sign and return from our business manager, Emily Currid.  You must pay the remainder in even monthly installments, paying off the balance 2 weeks before camp.  You may also pay the full balance at any time prior to then.
After printing these instructions, click your back button to return to the previous page and complete the registration process.

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