Audition Material to Prepare

Select one minute of a song that features your unique vocal quality, your range, and allows you to show what you can do with a character. Learn your audition selection several weeks in advance. Know the show that the song comes from and how it connects to the music and/or characters of Les Mis. Most importantly, think through how you want to impact your audience. Again, whatever you sing should give you an opportunity to show stage presence level energy, vocal quality appropriate to the character, and your ability to physically bring a character to life – how you use your body.

A word about vocal quality – ease of sound production and access to the range of the voice are two very important considerations for directors. We want to hear healthy voices. Character roles may involve additional layers – grit or a comic element.

A word about movement – do explore the energy of the piece and move appropriately during your audition. Be expressive! Stage your own mini-show in the minute of material that you present!

Depending on what role you are interested in, please be prepared to sing excerpts from Les Miserablés. Not only are the primary and secondary leads vocally demanding roles, ensemble material requires powerhouse voices and will be utilized in many scenes and important choral numbers throughout the show.

“m” refers to measure. Those are measure numbers. has a copy of the student edition score that singers can download – that will enable them to look at the section referenced. Anyone can sign up for Scribd – 30 day free trial!

Javert                                             Javert’s Suicide, m22-35, 66 – 91

Valjean                                           Bring Him Home, Prologue m252-265

Fantine                                          I Dreamed a Dream (esp m52 – 67)

Marius                                            Empty Chairs, m20- end

Cosette                                          Marius and Cosette, m42- end + Marius – m60-end

Eponine                                           On My Own, end of Heart Full of Love, end of One Day More

Thenardier                                      One Day More m40- end, Master of the House m88-102

Madame Thenardier                    One Day More m40- end, Master of the House m88-102

Bishop                                              Prologue m229-244

Young Cosette                               Castle on a Cloud m23-42

Gavroche                                         Gavroche’s entrance m10-19, People’s Song m 17-38

Students/Revolutionaries          People’s Song m 17-38

Combferre                                       People’s Song m 17-38

Feuilly                                               People’s Song m 17-38

Courteyrac                                      People’s Song m 17-38

Enjolras                                            People’s Song m 17-38

Joly                                                    People’s Song m 17-38

Grantaire                                         People’s Song m 17-38

Lesgles                                             People’s Song m 17-38

Prouvaire                                         People’s Song m 17-38

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